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Name:Help Animals
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Community description:fans, fandom, auction, help, animals
Fandom is awesome. We give our money to awesome. We donate our time to awesome.

This community was created for the purpose of raising money for charitable causes that support animals that have been neglected, abused or abandoned - or are just plain in need of help. This go around we are supporting Barrio Dogs ( ). This is about taking the joy and love people have for their fandoms and using it to do something positive for a charity. Has this been done before? Heck yeah! There are so many great people who have given their time and talent in the past. Will it be done again? I truly hope so.

If you have any questions or issues, please leave a comment on our Questions and Answers Post.

Dates for Round 2 supporting Barrio Dogs:

Posting of Offers Ends: 11:59pm EST January 31, 2014
Bidding Begins: 12:01am EST February 1, 2014
Bidding Ends: 11:30pm EST February 9, 2014

*Alternate donations can be made to The Willie-Coppee fund. Thank you.
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